To Prospective Students

I have received many emails about the Ph.D. applications and internships, thus creating this page that provides FAQs for prospective students.

Do you still admit new Ph.D. students? What is the typical process?

  • I do have 2 openings per year for the Ph.D. program.
  • Qualifications
    1. You might be eligible if you are a junior and top student in your class. The application is often due in September. I highly recommend you apply for the summer school at PKU to accelerate this process.
    2. If you are a student with an MS degree or about to graduate with an MS degree, received either in China or overseas, you are eligible. The application is often due in December. Your degree must be notarized if you received your MS overseas or are about to receive it overseas.
  • Please attach a research statement about your research plan (in English, preferable in pdf produced by LaTex) when you email me.
  • Many students who emailed me are top in this class, but this does not mean you have to research with me for the next 5 years; vice versa, I do not select candidate students just based on their scores. You do not know me, and I do not know you. How can we “be together”?
  • You should at least browse my homepage, understand my research interests, and determine if this aligns with your interests. I oftentimes receive emails stating that you are skillful in CNN, LSTM, etc. First, this only means that you might be good at your classes, but this goes for the other students who emailed me. You have to tell me something that attracts me. Second, my research does not involve designs of neural networks. You should tell me what my research attracts you and why we should stay together for the next 5 years to get some exciting research done.

Does your lab host undergrad interns?

  • I do, but I can only supervise less than 5 students per year.
  • PKU undergrads are welcome, especially if you are in Tong class or Zhi class. Undergrads from other universities have to commit to work on-site for at least 6 months before being considered.
  • All interns are paid jobs.
  • I only give recommendation letters to study overseas to less than 3 students per year; 6 letters per student.
  • The institute of AI does not provide such paperwork for students who need proof to receive course credits. I could provide an unofficial one if needed.

Do you have an opening for postdocs?

  • I do, but your research background has to perfectly match my research.
  • I usually prefer students who received their Ph.D. training overseas.