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  • 2017-11

    AAAI 2018

    Tracking Occluded Objects and Recovering Incomplete Trajectories by Reasoning about Containment Relations and Human Actions.

    Paper | Demo | Project

  • 2017-06

    IROS 2017

    [oral] Feeling the Force: Integrating Force and Pose for Fluent Discovery through Imitation Learning to Open Medicine Bottles.

    Oral presentation in CoRL 2017 non-archival track.

    Paper | Demo | Code | Project

  • 2017-04


    Configurable, Photorealistic Image Rendering and Ground Truth Synthesis by Sampling Stochastic Grammars Representing Indoor Scenes.

    Paper | Demo

  • 2016-12

    CVPR 2017 Workshop

    [co-chair] 3rd Workshop on Vision Meets Cognition: Functionality, Physics, Intentionality and Causality.



  • 2016-09

    CRESSTCON 2016

    [invited talk] Teddy Talk in plenary session.

Cross-lab Collaborations

  • Chenfanfu Jiang, UPenn
  • Demetri Terzopoulos, UCLA Computer Graphics & Vision Laboratory
  • Brandon Rothrock, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • James Kubricht and Hongjing Lu, UCLA Computational Vision and Learning Lab (CVL)
  • Ying Nian Wu, UCLA Department of Statistics
  • Tao Gao, UCLA Department of Statistics and Communication Studies
  • Wei Liang, Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Yibiao Zhao,
  • Elias Bareinboim, Purdue University
  • Lap-Fai (Craig) Yu, UMass Boston
  • Jiajun Wu, MIT
  • Sara Spotorno, Tian Xu and Philippe Schyns, University of Glasgow
  • Eric Peltola and Veronica Santos, UCLA Biomechatronics Lab
  • Michael Walton and Andrew Fuchs, SPAWAR

  • VCLA Collaborations

  • Siyuan Qi and Siyuan Huang on Scene Generation and Synthesis.
  • Xu Xie, Zhenliang Zhang, Xinyang Zhang on Virtual Reality.
  • Mark Edmonds on Causal Learning
  • Feng Gao and Siyuan Qi on Reinforcement Learning
  • Hangxing Liu and Yaofeng Zhang on Human-Robot-Interaction
  • Students Mentored

  • Jenny Lin, Ph.D. in Computer Science, CMU, 2017 Fall
  • Tian Ye, Master in Robotics, CMU, 2017 Fall
  • Xingwen Guo, M.S. in Computer Science, Yale, 2017 Fall
  • Chi Zhang, M.S. in Computer Science, UCLA, 2017 Fall
  • Jingyu Shao, M.S. in Statistics, UCLA, 2016 Winter
  • Yutong Zhang, M.S. in Computer Science, UCLA, 2015 Fall
  • Research Interests

    • Computer Vision: Functional Object and Scene Understanding

    • Computer Graphics: Physics-based Simulation

    • Cognitive Science: Computational Models of Perception and Action

    • Robotics: Functional Equivalent Manipulation

    • Virtual Reality: Extraordinary Environments and Abnormal Objects


    • Ph.D. Candidate 2015


      University of California, Los Angeles

    • M.S. 2013

      Computer Science

      University of California, Los Angeles

    • B.Eng. 2012

      Software Engineering

      Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

    Scholarships & Awards

    • 2013.06-present
      Graduate Research Assistant @ VCLA
    • 2017.07
      Doctoral Student Travel Grants, UCLA
    • 2017.07
      Doctoral Student Travel Grants, UCLA Statistics Department
    • 2017.06
      CVPR 2017 Outstanding Reviewer
    • 2015-2016, 2016-2017
      UCLA University Fellowship
    • 2014.08
      NVidia CUDA Hardware Donation Program for Researchers
    • 2011.07
      Google Scholarship
    • 2011.07
      UCLA-CSST Scholarship
    • 2010.12
      Samsung Scholarship